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October 04, 2011


John Yearley

This pleases me.

Tobin Vance

So why do you feel you need to? You may be in a crowd, but you don't have to be WITH the crowd, you know? Maybe next time you should look for some cheap Broadway tickets instead.

I went and saw The Book of Mormon recently myself. Yeah, it was more than $100 a seat, but I did get to sit and laugh when I wanted. I found Book of Mormon discount tickets at http://amazonticketsonline.com/The-Book-Of-Mormon, and when I was done having a good time there, I was still in New York! Win-win...

Sandi Hemmerlein

I don't really feel like I need to comply. Then again I'm not known as being the most obedient person in the world. The point is more about sitting through all those barking orders coming from a hip hop-flavored drill sergeant.

Thanks for the suggestion but I didn't go to Vegas just because I was looking for something to do. There's plenty to do in LA (where I live, not NY). I went specifically for this event which was only happening in Vegas.

Broadway shows are nearly as limiting if not more. You cannot stand when you want to. You're not really supposed to sing along. Taking photos is verboten. Concerts are to football games as Broadway shows are to tennis matches.

Randy Burgess

"Concerts are to football games as Broadway shows are to tennis matches."

That's why I never go to tennis matches any more. They won't let me sing along.

Sandi Hemmerlein


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