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July 27, 2011


Rolando Teco

"Nothing like it will come around in my lifetime again." Hm. Don't be so sure. We've witnessed over just the past 25 yrs. one of the biggest shifts in media in a long time and it feels as though the dust hasn't yet settled. Who knows what's around the corner? Only time will tell. But one thing never dies: human beings' unending hunger for stories... in all forms: tragedy, comedy, tabloid, suburban gossip. Doesn't much matter what the vehicle is, we all love a good story of the highs and lows that we all recognize as reflections of our own experience. I have a feeling we'll live to see more new forms of the same high drama. :)

Andrew Altenburg

Well, I've been watching for 40 years.. it's unlikely that anything that will come along will last that long or that it will hold my interest for that long. I think that's a pretty unique combination that three shows have managed to achieve.

But I agree with you that even though entertainment models are changing rapidly, the need for stories that tickle the imagination, move the human spirit and make one want to 'tune in tomorrow' will always exist. :)


They can still be great shows, if Frons didn't cancel them and wanting to replace them with the stupid shows we keep hearing about, one that is getting on mu nerves. People love the soaps because it gives them a chance to escape reality. We don't want shows that keep us there.

Toledo spray insulation

Perhaps there will be a affect at the entrance on one more display and Erica Kane goes to response it and is seen looking amazed at who it is.. and then the display stops. That too would be extremely amazing.

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