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August 23, 2009


Yvonne Delet


WOW, exactly how I feel about this 'work of art' show. By far one of the most brilliant pieces of writing since HBO first brought this kind of uncensored honest writing to the small screen with I believe The Sopranos.

I savor every gorgeously crafted second that the show is on and lament it as the finale(s) near (although we have just started the 3rd season so we do have some time before this finale arrives) the presence of television greatness when so many 'cry' there is nothing good to watch. Hogwash to them I say, Hogwash!

Rolando Teco

Thanks, Yvonne. Glad you share my enthusiasm! Hey, how's your own TV show coming along? You should post an update here. I can't wait to see what crazy stuff you come up with...

Robin Rothstein

I recently finished Season 2 on Netflix. Thanks for these great insights Rolando! I love hearing analysis of this show. FYI, My brother-in-law, Jim Benson recently interviewed Matthew Weiner on his fun and fabulous radio show website, TV TIME MACHINE. My sister, a former advertising executive and copywriter, co-hosted. The interview is in three parts, each running about 25 minutes. Part 1 mostly focuses on Matthew Weiner's background. Parts 2 and 3 get more into the show and specific episodes. All 3 parts are interesting in their own right and Matthew Weiner is a lively guest and, unsurprisingly, very smart. A must-listen for MAD MEN fans! Here's the link:
While at the site, you may also want to give a listen to some of Jim's other interviews with well known tv and film personlities.

John Yearley

So wonderful to hear your perceptive thoughts, Rolo. You identified something that I knew intuitively but have ever been able to articulate - Betty getting back at her husband through her son. Don provides everything and nothing, and is completely out of her control. So she lords over the small version of him, arbitrarily striking out. It is truly brilliant.

Isn't it wonderful to have a show that is really worth talking about?

John Yearley

PS - It's so interesting to me that no on ever talks about his last name. A draper is someone who hides things beautifully. Who takes what is unsightly and makes it presentable.

SUCH a great show!

Rolando Teco

That's fascinating, John. I never thought of that! I bet no accident, either, given the level of quality overall...

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